FeleaGoods®, established in 2012, is a boutique food company from Crete that celebrates the island's unique blend of traditional and modern flavors. We share the passion of our ancestors for nature while we embrace the sparkle of contemporary Crete. We are driven by our love for nature, respect for humanity and passion for our place and culture, which we endeavor to share with the world. We are proud to work with a team of passionate producers and suppliers whose knowledge, expertise and love for the Cretan land is infused in every one of our exclusive products. Our respect for the enviroment and the natural, raw materials underlay our work from the point of harvest to the point of consumption. With Aegagrus, the wild goat, as our symbol, we rejoice the Cretan free spirit, the purity of nature and the dazzling Mediterranean light.

The FeleaGoods® trademark is going from strength to strength, gaining in value day by day. We are well aware that the branding process is a never-ending journey. As we find a permanent place in your hearts and minds, we at FeleaGoods® also hope to take our place among the world’s most valuable brands.

Here at FeleaGoods® we aim to offer you, our valuable, unique service like none other. We strive to offer a level of service that will please you and as we offer these services, we will absolutely never compromise our high standards and products quality.

As we continue to develop our trademark and our range of products, we will expend all our energy, to offer you the finest traditional nutrition goods.


Discover FeleaGoods®

FeleaGoods® creates food products from the rough, fertile soil of Crete, inspired by the rich history and traditions of the island. It is well known that the traditional Cretan nutrition is a model of a healthier diet. Numerous scientific studies have designated the miracle of the Cretan Diet contributing to the physical, mental health and well-being as well as longevity. The findings of the excavations prove that the Minoans, 4000 years ago, used to consume almost the same products as we do today. The blessed Cretan earth gives us its uniqueness and all the purity of Mother Nature, offering lavishly the valuable essence and wholesomeness.

All products are produced in respect to the tradition, quality standards and creative guidelines provided by FeleaGoods®. Our aim is to acquaint people with the beauty and heritage of the Cretan culture and culinary customs offering you products of the highest quality.

Tasting FeleaGoods® products is a stimulating and varied experience, with an extensive choice of quality nutrition goods that bring the local culture even closer.

The food items available from FeleaGoods® are created from recipes and procedures handed down for generations, honoring the region’s culinary heritage. All our authentic products narrate of our people’s strong bonds with soil, land, the sea and generous nature all around, opening a path through which you can savor Crete’s rich and living history. FeleaGoods® strongly sticks on the ancient symbols and roots of purity and nature worship as they were respected for thousands of years on the island. For that reason the core of our philosophy is the respect and protection of the environment along with the commitment of offering gastronomic products exclusively of the highest quality and tasty ingredients, grown and harvested in traditional methods.  

From our exceptional extra virgin olive oil with rich aroma and sweet tones of fresh olives a product of unquestionable superiority, to the mythical honey pure and unrefined with silky texture directly as produced from bees living at the wildest, rough areas of the Cretan mountains these delicacies are handcrafted with love and respect for tradition.  From our exclusive Cretan rusks, a crunchy snack rich in beneficial proteins to our fragrant handpicked herbs grown under the Cretan warm sun, these natural products attest to the long culinary heritage of Crete.

All our products are all natural from the highest quality ingredients promoting the local produce bringing you the wholesome taste of undiscovered Crete while protecting and preserving its natural beauty and heritage.



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