Corporate Profile

FeleaGoods® was founded in Heraklion, Crete, Greece through the desire, to make the history, culinary culture and nutrition tradition of Crete more extroverted as well as to recommend further to the international market the wealth and variety of local traditional products. FeleaGoods® strongly sticks on the ancient symbols and roots of purity and nature worship as they were respected for thousands of years on the island.

FeleaGoods® product range is exclusively of the highest quality and tasty ingredients, grown and harvested in traditional methods.

FeleaGoods® strong vision is to collect the finest products and become the most important exporter in the field of premium culinary goods of the Cretan earth.

The wild goat ancient symbol Aegagrus (in the label), represents Cretan bravery and the purity of nature. This corporate figure also represents the character of tradition in Crete, inspiring a fresh and contemporary aspect while demonstrating the dazzling Mediterranean light.

Each new step FeleaGoods® is making encloses the knowledge imparted by nature and tradition.


WCN Chamber Trust
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