Our Values:

Respect to the Environment. Respecting and protecting the nature are fundamental and nonnegotiable values for FeleaGoods®. We believe in the absolute harmony of the rich and fertile land of Crete as our ancestors did for thousands of years.

Respect to our Suppliers. We respect the passion and knowledge of the people who toil in order to produce our products.

Respect to our Customers. The customer is for us the reason to work for. we respect the need foe excellent products of high nutritional value derived from nature with as little processing as possible.

Reliability. We know how to do our duty well, we choose based on objective criteria and strict specification and we have confidence in the knowledge and experience of our partners.

Consistency. We deliver to our customers what we promise in quality and always committed on time.

The wild goat our ancient symbol Aegagrus (in the lable), represents the Cretan bravery and the purity of nature. This corporate figure also represents the character of tradition in Crete, inspiring a fresh and contemporary aspect while demonstrating the dazzling Mediterranean light.

Our Vision:

To become a worldwild brand that represents pure products of our island Crete, combining tradition with modern lifestyle.

Our Mission:  to link culture with our culinary heritage, by offering the high nutritional value of the Cretan land and to become a credible ambassador of the island all over the world.

Our Philosophy: to maintain the original, natural features of the raw materials from the harvest and the production until the delivery of goods to the end consumer.


WCN Chamber Trust
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