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The food items available from FeleaGoods® are created from recipes and procedures handed down for generations, honoring the region’s culinary heritage. All our authentic products narrate of our people’s strong bonds with soil, land, the sea and generous nature all around, opening a path through which you can savor Crete’s rich and living history. FeleaGoods® strongly sticks on the ancient symbols and roots of purity and nature worship as they were respected for thousands of years on the island. For that reason the core of our philosophy is the respect and protection of the environment along with the commitment of offering gastronomic products exclusively of the highest quality and tasty ingredients, grown and harvested in traditional methods.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Organic Olive Oil A completely natural product that can be consumed directly after production.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Organic Olive Oil read more
Finest Organic Olive Oil FeleaGoods® new product of excellent quality in a premium bottle.
Finest Organic Olive Oil read more
Infused Organic Olive Oil Olive Oil filled with various flavors such as chilli pepper, garlic, lemon, oregano,rosemary and thyme.
Infused Organic Olive Oil read more
Honey Honey. The crowning glory of a breakfast table, a guaranteed mood-raiser.
Honey read more
Herbs During the Minoan period all herbs were considered a very valuable healing source
Herbs read more
Pasteli A typical Greek delicious dessert and nutritious bite for any time of the day.
Pasteli read more
Balsamic Vinegar A delicious balsamic vinegar with traditional grape juice syrup, made by cretan grapes. And a great mix of balsamic vinegar combined with authentic thyme honey.
Balsamic Vinegar read more
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