Infused Organic Olive Oil

Experience the unique fresh and clean fruity aroma of FeleaGoods® Infused Organic Olive Oil, rich in grassy scents, elegant notes of fruit and spices. A delicious olive oil product consisting of FeleaGoods Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the herb or spice of you taste preferences includes within it all the nutritional value of the Cretan diet.

Accompanies excellent salads, cooked vegetables, grilled meat and fish, just choose your favorite flavor that  can be a hot chilli pepper or a sour lemon notes, a tart garlic or a gentle oregano, a fragrant rosemary or a saturated thyme.

Prepare a quick dip by grating fresh tomatoes, mincing green and red peppers, salt and season with 3 table spoons of balmy FeleaGoods® Infused Oregano Olive Oil.  Enjoy your bread or rusks, dipping it in the mixture.

WCN Chamber Trust
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