Olive Tree

The blessed olive tree grows in the rocky and arid area of Crete. It produces olives under adverse conditions of drought, strong winds and high temperatures, while the longevity and productivity, writes the history of Mediterranean people. The olive enlightened, nourished, healed and identified with high ideals and inspired the vigorous, for many years culture of Crete.
The olive was symbol of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, peace, health, strength and beauty adored for thousands of years in the Greek culture. It was a  living part of a  cultural heritage, legends, traditions and religious rituals closely associated with flowering, harvest and production of oil.

It is adapted to long periods of hot, dry summers and shows great strength even when temperatures drop to freezing. Mature olive trees are trees of medium size. In some cases, the trees can reach heights of 10 meters.

In the Mediterranean area the trees flower in late spring (April-May) and harvesting begins in late November and ends in February for the southern regions. 

Gold quality

Olive oil is the oil obtained from the fruit of the olive tree by means of mechanical and physical treatment, while temperature and light does not alter its composition. Olive oil is a completely natural product that can be consumed directly after production. It is digested  by the body by 98% while delivering the same number of calories as any other vegetable oil.

Olive oil, unlike seed oils, is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and is a product of high nutrirional value. Olive oil, also, contains a large amount of antioxidants that protect the organism from various diseases. Moreover, it is very interesting to mention the fact that composition of fatty acids in olive oil is similar to that of fat in breast milk.

FeleaGoods®, can offer its customers Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well as premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olive oil, that finds its way in the bottles of FeleaGoods®, is the result of long-lasting research and effort from our people, in order to deliver a product of unquestionable superiority. From the rough, fertile soil of Cretan earth this superior olive oil from handpicked olives, is produced under unique climate conditions offering exclusive advantage of rich flavor, bringing together the most significant nutrition characteristics for your health.

Our dedication for quality along with Crete's great tradition in olives' farming, guarantees, over a process which maintains the most distinctive flavor ingredients, an extra virgin olive oil that will offer you a genuine gastronomic experience.

This olive oil, rich in antioxidants, ensures to offer you a balanced fruity essence and a bouquet of mild and sweet tones of fresh olives.

In addition, the exceptional limited quantity Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the glowing result of the finest natural farming in Crete with special care from cultivation to production. Strict inspection of the process along with traditional methods that use no chemicals and fertilizers, guarantee the collection of the most beneficial substances of the olives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Sitia/Mylopotamos

The FeleaGoods® product range also includes Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Sitia. A product of cold extraction, coming the the famous region of Sitia with its rich geomorphology and excellent climatic conditions. A worldwide recognized olive oil outstanding in taste and quality.

Dont hesitate to enjoy the taste of Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Mylopotamos, a medium fruity olive oil coming from Mylopotamos area in Rethymno. An extra virgin olive oil characterized by highly attractive gold-yellow color, an harmonious, pleasant and delicate flavor.





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